That Laugh…

Moving into my new apartment was like a breath of fresh air, a space that was entirely my own. Although it took some time to even comprehend the notion of what constitutes a ‘home’ and all the feelings that such an environment evokes. The apartment was silent and the surrounding area free of noise. This is one of the attributes that I first came to really appreciate and treasure about my new abode. With a quiet lull it remained calm, still and peaceful. The only interruption was that of an acute, high pitched cackle! Wild with energy and deep in concentration I found myself asking “What in the almighty fuck is that noise?!”. So frequent I became more accustomed to such outbursts, none the less I was still very much curious as to its source. It was not long before I discovered the body from which this devastating blast discharged itself.

Looking down I watched as a young woman advanced, pushing her wheelchair towards me. Confident and bold she held out her hand introducing herself as Dee. Having only recently moved in I politely retorted with the realisation that this was in fact my new next door neighbour. Excusing herself to answer her mobile, only a few moments had passed before this outrageous racket erupted. It was her! Never have I heard a discord quite like it, astonishing.

A teacher once told me that he could tell as to how well he was teaching a class by the expression on my face. Communicating a multitude of thoughts, queries and questions with just a glance. On listening to Dee I am afraid to say that this was no exception. My face must have been a picture! Truly horrified I watched as she finished her conversation and ended the call. To my surprise Dee herself then acknowledged how heinous her laugh was, unbearably abhorrent she went on to explain that it was for this very reason that she never laughs in front of clients. Electing to smile and nod agreeably instead. For once I was absolutely bewildered and lost for words. What to say?! Living in such close proximity I got to know Dee quite well. Like an open book she confidently and comfortably told me about it all…

BG x

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